Repair Policy

  • All repairs come with a 30 day warranty, receipt must be present.
  • Warranty covers the labor charge and all new parts purchased from and installed by us.
  • Tool repairs that are denied are subject to the following options and fees:
    • $0 - Scrap my unrepaired tool.
    • $25 - Hold my unrepaired tool UNASSEMBLED (taken apart, in multiple pieces) for pickup.
    • FULL labor (varies by tool, please see our website for current rates) - Reassemble and hold my unrepaired tool for pickup.
  • We are not responsible for tools left after 90 days (tools will be sold or recycled after that time).
  • Please use or test your tool immediately after being repaired, we cannot warranty any tools not returned within 30 days of being repaired.
  • We have the right to deny warranty repairs for any reason, such as high air pressure, physical abuse, or pure negligence.